November 18, 2010



Hey Officer Bubbles, !#$% You!

October 18, 2010

Half-a-BILLION $$$ Boondoggle

October 15, 2010

It could be stopped, but it won’t be.

Ged bless you Charlie LeDuff for exposing this criminal enterprise.

Eric Holder Watch, Day 1,000

October 11, 2010

Who da' man? You da man! No, YOU are!

Still nuthin’.

The Gaping Maw of Delaware that swallowed Bill Maher

October 5, 2010

Turns out, this Christine O’Donnell cunt used to make the rounds on the old Bill Maher show (yanked unceremoniously from the air after 9/11… already long passed its sell-by date).

There are youtube clips (find ‘em yourself) of O’Donnell’s appearances (yes, plural) making the rounds.

I used to watch that show (ironically called Politically Incorrect). Flipped there during the commercials from Dave.

So, I now recall that after watching that cunt for a (improbable) second time, I suddenly lost all interest in PI. As well as all respect for Bill Maher the comedian, for quite sometime. His little calvacade of impaneled idiots confused fact with opinion, and it was fun to ridicule the know-nothings for awhile, and be vigilantly reminded what idiotas most of my fellow Americans are.

Bill’s service to the community got either hijacked or derailed, I’m not sure which; ABC was doing him a favor, IYAM, by euthanizing PI.

So connecting the dots, over ten years apart, I now realize it was because of O’Donnell that I could no longer tolerate this teevee show any longer (this was long before it was cancelled). The Cunt O’Donnell sucked all the air out of the room whenever she opened her gaping maw. And Maher was letting her(!) spew nonsense, steering the show down blind alleys of paranoia and judeo-christian fantasy-land like a ten year old behind the wheel of ’72 Plymouth Fury. When Maher gave her enough rope, instead of moving in for the kill (which one was salivating over), he simply challenged her as if she were a person with the talking points of a sane person.

Can I get a WTF?

Similarly I lost all interest in Maher’s Real Time as he regularly invites the usual media whores/stooges you see everywhere else, giving them ample time to crap out their lies and emit spin. The status quo yet again going unchallenged.

I used to think Bill was funny, and topical, and tuned-in, now I see him as just another dupe.

Can’t a sucker get an even break?

Ladies and genltlemen… the LAKER TARDS

June 19, 2010

Congratulations to all laker fans whose team won the big game. The team owner is very happy for all of your <ahem> ‘$upport.’ Ka-ching, motherfuckers, you been played.

Poster boy for sleeping America

June 18, 2010

While you were asleep- or working hard trying to get ahead- this fucktard’s been living the life of Riley. Ten years on full disability, and he’s only 42.

Yet he runs marathons.

No joke. I wish it was. [ New Jersey Watchdog ]

But maybe I’m just secretly jealous.


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