Kenneth Y. Tomlinson step up and kiss the Blarney

August 31, 2006

While it is doubtful that anyone overseas listens to the useless, outdated Voice of America radio broadcasts, the keepers of fiduciary responsibility for a portion of your (and my) tax dollars see fit to keep them going… and going.

Kenny Boy TurdlinsonBut they do look out for their old school chums. Like our butthole surfer Kenny boy here. Even after he already got bounced from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, where an earlier congressional inquiry found evidence that he violated rules meant to (ahem) insulate public television and radio from political influence (no doubt for his buddy K-K-Karl).

Since that disgrace, it’s hard to believe (that is, if you’re a taxpayer, not an intestinal parasite) but this turd-squeezer is still lapping up the juice at the public toilet. Kenny’s Chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. And whilst there, he’s been busy.

The State Department summary report stated Kenny-the-blowhole:

  1. improperly hired a friend on the public payroll for about $250,000 over a two and a half year period
  2. used his government office for personal business, including running his very own “horse racing operation” (ah, a horse fancier, like his old chum Mike Brown)
  3. repeatedly used government employees to do his personal errands
  4. billed the government for more days of work than the rules permit

Kenny-boy improperly billed for more days work than the limit permits? Our government obviously need to hire some bookeepers to check this stuff out.

How does it keep happening? & why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

Incredibly, his nomination for another term is still on the table- and still supported by No. 1 Fortunate Son. This person is from a class he can have compassion for.

BTW, this knowledge happened to come about from a whistleblower in the administration. Instead of getting a medal, the Bush regime would rather prosecute than reward this outstanding citizen.

It could only look worse if this turd-squeezer was a FEMA contractor stealing from the victims of Katrina (like some of his chums); I guess he’s just an unambitious little turd.

Yankee go home! Source.
<fx: flush>

Pucker-up Patootie Puss Michael Tracey, we’re calling you out

August 30, 2006

Today’s putrid (p.u.-turd) grease hole is none other than the Jonbenet Ramsey murder case’s self-appointed stock speculator. Not as accurate as a chimp picking stocks- which apparently is still better than Jim Kramer in a bull market- his track record and ‘volunteer investigation’ might still get him a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination from Newtie Gingrich.

This ‘professor’ (what, circus ringmaster was already taken?) apparently has no faith in the scientific method. Maybe his preferred method is simply trial and error – but his continual failure to produce a correct result show what an asshole he is.

Revealing false leads, making grand assumptions (without so much as a Google) only needlessly confuse the case. How does it affect those innocents that were close to the young girl to have their hopes raised and then dashed with so much careless speculation? Perhaps this red herringism allows the real culprit to hide in plain sight. BTW- where was Michael Tracey on the night in question, hmmmm?

The attention he’s been receiving (even after having played them once before) is worthy of one of those defective ‘experts’ Fux News periodically trot out to prop up a false hypothesis that plays to their unthinking, reactionary couch taters.

Whatever. He must really be getting his rocks off- and what else really matters as long as he’s as self- satisfied as an asshole can get?

And… the media still play ball with this guy. WTF? Consider the source! You do know he’s done this before, don’t you?

The attention lavished on this latest ‘suspect’, John Karr, by the media and a few surprised and fawning Bangkok police, got the thrusters warmed up and soon the rocket was lifting off. In a rush to judgment I even recall seeing early on in this fiasco how a CNN talking head spoke confidently that the ‘case is now closed’- even then it was obvious on the ground here in mission control that it wasn’t.

Affirming belief in something, no matter how confidently the micirophone is spoken into, won’t make it correct. Despite being a popular practice, most successfully by Fux news presenters, wrong is still wrong. If I can see it, so can others.

This asshole Tracey has made a name for himself and has inserted himself into the fray as just another crackpot wannabe Jessica Fletcher.

Maybe it’s all a cosmic joke to him; certainly he’s now learned it’s easy-peasy to manipulate the media circus into action. Must be kinda fun, too, like starting a ‘wave’ at a ballgame.

Like any turd colored aura he’s provided a valuable by-product: showed (yet again- and BTW, does the definition of neurosis need to be read aloud here?) how caught up big media can be in the spectacle of news. Veracity comes with integrity, and journalism professors like our favorite asshole of the day forgot to include that in the syllabus.

Frankly, that Karr was not the perp was painfully obvious from the start. The first pictures of Karr showed a deluded man in love with all the attention- and himself. We don’t even have to mention his dubious, non-self-incriminating statements.

This episode also illustrated how to embarrass public officials without having good reason. Mary Lacey, the Boulder District Attorney, was suddenly in two places at once: under the microscope and between a rock and a hard place. Doing your job under normal circumstances is difficult, but becomes near impossible when you have to contend with unneccessary outside influence from the media circus that causes waste of resources by focusing on red herrings. If the people calling for her head probe a little deeper, they might uncover the smiling face of Michael Tracey peeking out of an oversized asshole.

The fact that media whores were so easily suckered into this when the instigator-asshole Tracey should already have been discredited should show the media a thing or two about itself. Will they learn? Nah…

He’s produced three (3!) documentaries so far on this case. Our asshole Chicken Little must be frustrated that he hasn’t solved it, so perhaps taking the shotgun/scattergun approach to solving it was a good method… for showing us what becomes an asshole most.

John Karr isn’t the ony person in this sad saga with an unhealthy interest in sexually exploited and murdered children. Right, asshole?

Why be good when evil pays better?

August 29, 2006

Today’s sphincter boy is one Jon E.M. Jacoby. Never heard of him? Of course not- that’s just the way he likes it. Try and find a pic for this guy- nothing.

So what has he done to deserve such an honor? Well, Jonny boy, along with his crony Jackson Stephens, know from past experience that evil does indeed pay well. Their long-in-development plan for world domination of the world’s food supply with a genetically modified ‘Seed Terminator’ is absolutely golden. Even the power mad US government has been on-board with their company, Delta & Pine Land, from day one, to be their ‘enforcer‘ when their final plans are executed. Who elected these bureaucrats anyway? (That’s a rhetorical question, Dave.)

This article weaves together an interesting web with playas like Bill and Hillary, Jimmy Carter, Tyson foods, and the BCCI scandal (remember that?). It’ll make your head spin! The reporter weaves them all together in a conspiracy that is, unfortunately, anything but theory.

I haven’t yet grasped the whole picture yet. But I know when this schnozz smells smoke, there must be fire. And if I smell shit, there is an asshole not far behind.

Jon E.M. Jacoby, I doff my toilet seat in your general direction!

Asshole. <fx: flush>

Katherine the Not So Great

August 28, 2006

Haven’t we all had enough of these political Christian wackos? Add fucking asshole Katherine Harris to the list (Yes, the same Katherine Harris that was FL Sec of State when Hall of Fame asshole GW was “elected” president). In a speech this week, after removing the republican cock that is usually in her mouth, she said the following:


U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris said this week that the separation of church state is “a lie,” that God did not intend for the United States to be a “nation of secular laws” and that a failure to elect Christians to political office will allow lawmaking bodies to “legislate sin.” In an interview with the Florida Baptist Witness, the weekly journal of the Florida Baptist State Convention, Harris described her faith, saying it animates “everything I do,” including her votes in Congress.She warned that if voters do not send Christians to office, they risk creating a government that is doomed to fail

This blueblood is exactly the kind of fuck up that is ruining our country. When she is not taking money from suspect sources (i.e. MZM / Duke Cunningham) she is probably peeking in the windows of abortion clinics. She is part of the growing league of Christian, right to life assholes that have huge problems with stem cell research but could not give a rat’s ass about how many 18years died in the
Iraq war, of course unless they belong to her country club or church.

Shame on you, Katherine!

Matt Fudge

August 27, 2006

Republican apologist. 
Clinton basher.  Alleged fudgepacker.


Has not had anything interesting to say since Uncle Bill got his horn tooted by fat bitch Monica Blewclintsky.

Seems obsessed with weather stories.

FRC – 1,000 alimentary exit points of creamy chocolate goodness!

August 25, 2006

Well, those sad Xtian pervs are at it again.

The Family Research Council- yes thass right, a whole fortnight’s worth of bungholes in one bargain basement discount package- is just one of about 13 groups of brown blue noses who want to spend tax dollars to try and wedge their noses near some complete stranger’s privates.

Don’t you just hate it when some assholes tries to make others conform to own sexual practices?

And by calling on the justice department, no less, like this agency has nothing better to do. [Let me stop right here a mo’. Can anybody tell me why it is Republican based pervs like these unhip hemorrhoids say they want want to curb government spending, but when it comes to their own pet projects, the whine when the flood gates don’t open on their command? #Lip service is all you’ll ever get from me#]

Even though what’s his name isn’t there anymore to dress up statues like larger-than-life Barbie dolls to satisfy his own strange Peter Pan lustful soul (not that I’m passing judgement- but Ashcroft- that’s his name! do it on your own dime!), they do got themselves a ringer.

They want their asshole from El Paso (well, San Antonio, close enough) to lend him their ear (and a few bucks and a few lawyers with time on their hands- ha!) to spend my (and your) good tax money on persecuting people over laws that invade privacy.

Would these Family Research Council open up their personal lives for everyone else to scrutinize?

I didn’t think so.

If porn is good enough for Mormons (who are a majority shareholder in the Marriott chain and profit handsomely off porn channels) then that should be good enough for them. Tell it to Hatch, and Alberto: Praise the lord and pass the Vaseline. They’ve got better things to do.

Underneath it all I smell a rat. Maybe this is a publicity stunt for clean hotels dot com. If these people or organizations are shareholders, perhaps theyre smackin’ their lips anticipatin’ a big juicy IPO. Who knows? Jumping on the bandwagon is just about all small minded one-track pervies can fit into their heads.

These pervs fail to understand a persons (yes, that includes them) right to privacy. Their persistence and zeal makes me wonder: what is it they hate about themselves so much?

Leroy “Lee” Baca – aka Sheriff Moonbeam

August 23, 2006


There are just really not enough bad things that you can say about Sheriff Baca. For starts, he was elected sheriff by beating a dead guy in an election (Sherman Block). He has been a serial mis-manager of county tax funds while always seeming to have his hand out for more dollars. He is more likely to be on Skid Row, next to his beloved Twin Towers jail, looking for hand outs then he would be to solve a crime.


His recent screw ups include the infamous Baca riots at LA’s county jails this spring and praise for Scientology. Guess Scientology has figured out a way to buy a politician with their war chest? A common punching bag of the John and Ken show and for good reason!

(Posted for that lazy bum Jack by Paco.)