He won’t be the last…

… and how proud should he be to be first? This is America fer chrissakes, the land of Assholes. Where assholes become king.

Answer: very proud (after all, he inspired this blog).

What is an asshole? And why do these dominate the American landscape just like the brontosaurus did eons ago? Summed up this way:

“America is where everyone tries to look good but behaves badly.”
– anonyomous (well, I never bothered got the guys name)

Now on to our inaugural ASSHOLE- he so richly desereves it. Not that he hasn’t had stiff competition.

Runner up can only be the fake JonBenet Ramsey killer John Mark Karr. A Pee Wee Herman clone- which in itself isn’t bad- if you’re an ACT. This guys fer real, jehiminy, and even though he’s not the murderer, maybe he’s got something else to cconfess that he actually did. A major asshole, and a contender on a weaker day perhaps.

But the biggest browneye putrid motherfucker today- & I can’t wait to see who takes the crown tomorrow, it’ll take some doing IMHO- is this turd tickler:

Troy Lee Gentry

Read about him here. Frankly, what do you do with someone like this? Skin him alive, and where his pelt on halloween? Kidnap him, put him in a cage and dump him at sea? I’m mad at myself for not being mean and ornery enough to think of a suitable punishment for this festering pile of shit.

# Assholes in America work seven days a week #
– (with apologies to the Clash)

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