Today’s Hopeful Hemorrhoid

… is Comverse’s Jacob Alexander. He’s done a runner. Maybe the latest chapter of this assholes life could be referred to as Take the Money and Run. Cos that’s just what he’s done.Any corporate officer who approves of, or is a ‘victim’ (to hear them tell it) of backdated options, is a thief, pure and simple. And no claiming extenutaing circumstances please, although your high paid mouthpieces will certainly argue that.But there’s no feasible argument here, sorry, however you try and spin it (# my bullshit detector is working overtime #). Talk to the hand, Kobi. Is this a lesson for your coprporate brethren in leading by example? Or are you just following the latest fad in bunco?

Apparently so as recent reports in the press sugges. Some of the largest and most successful companies (Apple, allegedly) and some not so big and well known (Comverse).

And was that you I see winking at Apple’s former counsel?

Ay yi yi. What’s a responsible coporate citizen to do? Greed is good, right? Right. You’ll probably get away with it too, you fecal aperture you. Hopefully you’ll dodge the bullets and rockets being aimed at your new home- your windfall should buy you a nice bunker. Dig in!

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