Leroy “Lee” Baca – aka Sheriff Moonbeam


There are just really not enough bad things that you can say about Sheriff Baca. For starts, he was elected sheriff by beating a dead guy in an election (Sherman Block). He has been a serial mis-manager of county tax funds while always seeming to have his hand out for more dollars. He is more likely to be on Skid Row, next to his beloved Twin Towers jail, looking for hand outs then he would be to solve a crime.


His recent screw ups include the infamous Baca riots at LA’s county jails this spring and praise for Scientology. Guess Scientology has figured out a way to buy a politician with their war chest? A common punching bag of the John and Ken show and for good reason!

(Posted for that lazy bum Jack by Paco.)

One Response to Leroy “Lee” Baca – aka Sheriff Moonbeam

  1. Mahkol says:

    Yes, but why Sherriff Moonbeam? He’s nothing like Jerry Brown (except they’re both bald Americans).

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