Pastor Tim LaBouf!… Step Up and Lick the Rim!

We’ve heard the American Taliban Movement’s (thass movement as in a good beer shit IYKWIM) latest field marshall ping the radar. This poopy pirate decided to stop the Sunday School teacher from her 11 year streak of teaching the little xtian kiddies all about the Flinstones and intelligent design shit.Why? (Pause for dramatic affect…)

Because she is a woman.

Oh fer chrissakes. Story here.

Anyway. here’s a pic of the ATM’s latest soldier of god, sans turban (or pope hat, or whatever the fuck these putrid polymorphous christian cornhole cobblers wear when in the real world):

Ladies, let’s hear you roar!

Oh! One more thang: he didn’t even have the courage to tell her himself- he had the Mrs. do it!

Who says Americans don’t “get” irony?


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