FRC – 1,000 alimentary exit points of creamy chocolate goodness!

Well, those sad Xtian pervs are at it again.

The Family Research Council- yes thass right, a whole fortnight’s worth of bungholes in one bargain basement discount package- is just one of about 13 groups of brown blue noses who want to spend tax dollars to try and wedge their noses near some complete stranger’s privates.

Don’t you just hate it when some assholes tries to make others conform to own sexual practices?

And by calling on the justice department, no less, like this agency has nothing better to do. [Let me stop right here a mo’. Can anybody tell me why it is Republican based pervs like these unhip hemorrhoids say they want want to curb government spending, but when it comes to their own pet projects, the whine when the flood gates don’t open on their command? #Lip service is all you’ll ever get from me#]

Even though what’s his name isn’t there anymore to dress up statues like larger-than-life Barbie dolls to satisfy his own strange Peter Pan lustful soul (not that I’m passing judgement- but Ashcroft- that’s his name! do it on your own dime!), they do got themselves a ringer.

They want their asshole from El Paso (well, San Antonio, close enough) to lend him their ear (and a few bucks and a few lawyers with time on their hands- ha!) to spend my (and your) good tax money on persecuting people over laws that invade privacy.

Would these Family Research Council open up their personal lives for everyone else to scrutinize?

I didn’t think so.

If porn is good enough for Mormons (who are a majority shareholder in the Marriott chain and profit handsomely off porn channels) then that should be good enough for them. Tell it to Hatch, and Alberto: Praise the lord and pass the Vaseline. They’ve got better things to do.

Underneath it all I smell a rat. Maybe this is a publicity stunt for clean hotels dot com. If these people or organizations are shareholders, perhaps theyre smackin’ their lips anticipatin’ a big juicy IPO. Who knows? Jumping on the bandwagon is just about all small minded one-track pervies can fit into their heads.

These pervs fail to understand a persons (yes, that includes them) right to privacy. Their persistence and zeal makes me wonder: what is it they hate about themselves so much?

2 Responses to FRC – 1,000 alimentary exit points of creamy chocolate goodness!

  1. Jeff Adams says:

    Fuck you you fucking asshole. You can suck my duck you duckwad. You mother fucking hairy ass bitch!

    Jeff Adams

  2. pacobell says:

    What’s a duckwad?

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