Why be good when evil pays better?

Today’s sphincter boy is one Jon E.M. Jacoby. Never heard of him? Of course not- that’s just the way he likes it. Try and find a pic for this guy- nothing.

So what has he done to deserve such an honor? Well, Jonny boy, along with his crony Jackson Stephens, know from past experience that evil does indeed pay well. Their long-in-development plan for world domination of the world’s food supply with a genetically modified ‘Seed Terminator’ is absolutely golden. Even the power mad US government has been on-board with their company, Delta & Pine Land, from day one, to be their ‘enforcer‘ when their final plans are executed. Who elected these bureaucrats anyway? (That’s a rhetorical question, Dave.)

This article weaves together an interesting web with playas like Bill and Hillary, Jimmy Carter, Tyson foods, and the BCCI scandal (remember that?). It’ll make your head spin! The reporter weaves them all together in a conspiracy that is, unfortunately, anything but theory.

I haven’t yet grasped the whole picture yet. But I know when this schnozz smells smoke, there must be fire. And if I smell shit, there is an asshole not far behind.

Jon E.M. Jacoby, I doff my toilet seat in your general direction!

Asshole. <fx: flush>

One Response to Why be good when evil pays better?

  1. rachel says:

    the radar bell will arm or alarm when you say that!

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