Pucker-up Patootie Puss Michael Tracey, we’re calling you out

Today’s putrid (p.u.-turd) grease hole is none other than the Jonbenet Ramsey murder case’s self-appointed stock speculator. Not as accurate as a chimp picking stocks- which apparently is still better than Jim Kramer in a bull market- his track record and ‘volunteer investigation’ might still get him a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination from Newtie Gingrich.

This ‘professor’ (what, circus ringmaster was already taken?) apparently has no faith in the scientific method. Maybe his preferred method is simply trial and error – but his continual failure to produce a correct result show what an asshole he is.

Revealing false leads, making grand assumptions (without so much as a Google) only needlessly confuse the case. How does it affect those innocents that were close to the young girl to have their hopes raised and then dashed with so much careless speculation? Perhaps this red herringism allows the real culprit to hide in plain sight. BTW- where was Michael Tracey on the night in question, hmmmm?

The attention he’s been receiving (even after having played them once before) is worthy of one of those defective ‘experts’ Fux News periodically trot out to prop up a false hypothesis that plays to their unthinking, reactionary couch taters.

Whatever. He must really be getting his rocks off- and what else really matters as long as he’s as self- satisfied as an asshole can get?

And… the media still play ball with this guy. WTF? Consider the source! You do know he’s done this before, don’t you?

The attention lavished on this latest ‘suspect’, John Karr, by the media and a few surprised and fawning Bangkok police, got the thrusters warmed up and soon the rocket was lifting off. In a rush to judgment I even recall seeing early on in this fiasco how a CNN talking head spoke confidently that the ‘case is now closed’- even then it was obvious on the ground here in mission control that it wasn’t.

Affirming belief in something, no matter how confidently the micirophone is spoken into, won’t make it correct. Despite being a popular practice, most successfully by Fux news presenters, wrong is still wrong. If I can see it, so can others.

This asshole Tracey has made a name for himself and has inserted himself into the fray as just another crackpot wannabe Jessica Fletcher.

Maybe it’s all a cosmic joke to him; certainly he’s now learned it’s easy-peasy to manipulate the media circus into action. Must be kinda fun, too, like starting a ‘wave’ at a ballgame.

Like any turd colored aura he’s provided a valuable by-product: showed (yet again- and BTW, does the definition of neurosis need to be read aloud here?) how caught up big media can be in the spectacle of news. Veracity comes with integrity, and journalism professors like our favorite asshole of the day forgot to include that in the syllabus.

Frankly, that Karr was not the perp was painfully obvious from the start. The first pictures of Karr showed a deluded man in love with all the attention- and himself. We don’t even have to mention his dubious, non-self-incriminating statements.

This episode also illustrated how to embarrass public officials without having good reason. Mary Lacey, the Boulder District Attorney, was suddenly in two places at once: under the microscope and between a rock and a hard place. Doing your job under normal circumstances is difficult, but becomes near impossible when you have to contend with unneccessary outside influence from the media circus that causes waste of resources by focusing on red herrings. If the people calling for her head probe a little deeper, they might uncover the smiling face of Michael Tracey peeking out of an oversized asshole.

The fact that media whores were so easily suckered into this when the instigator-asshole Tracey should already have been discredited should show the media a thing or two about itself. Will they learn? Nah…

He’s produced three (3!) documentaries so far on this case. Our asshole Chicken Little must be frustrated that he hasn’t solved it, so perhaps taking the shotgun/scattergun approach to solving it was a good method… for showing us what becomes an asshole most.

John Karr isn’t the ony person in this sad saga with an unhealthy interest in sexually exploited and murdered children. Right, asshole?

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