Assholes are slimy petty sneak thieves, just like Verizon

Well it’s not the most egregious example of telcos overcharging us. But a dollar here and a dollar there repeated a few hundred million times into perpetuity soon adds up to some serious money.

That such a charge is bogus doesn’t seem to trouble our public telcos- or their shareholders, apparently. Or their customers, much.

The audacity of such a mediocre scheme is brilliant: who would notice? who would care?

Apparently someone did. Thank Ged.

In retrospect, despite this let’s fly under the radar liked drug smugglers plan for success, one has to wonder just how could the corporate officers could expect to get away with it.

Probably cos they do, repeatedly. Obfuscating the charges your phone bill is a science.

If you ask the average customer Have you ever tried to make sense of your phone bill? the answer would be ‘no.’

That aside, if someone spent a little time and energy (maybe fund a profit sharing watchdog agency that takes a percentage of what they recoup n favor of the consumer)(Oh, wait, that would mean class action lawyers would be involved, so we would see nothing)(nevermind). The telcos and cable cos have an unspoken agreement not to compete against each other in most markets- not giving consumers the choices promised by deregulation. Nor does this foster competition- the spirit deregulation was intended to accomplish.

Lobbying with dollars has paid off – big time. Making legislation that easy, well, it’s no wonder they feel free to put their hand in your pocket. They got us where they want us.

So what’s the latest scam by these shit sqeezing shincter boys?

When the Universal Service Fund Fee, which telcos have been collecting on behalf of the FCC, expired recently, they quietly decided to not let their customers know about how they’d be saving a few bucks a month. Instead, they decided to keep schtum, and create a new, bogus fee that would takes its place, and hope you wouldn’t notice.

Only this time, someone caught them. When someone shined the light on their little scheme, they had the arrogance to say something like:

“We have listened to our customers, and are eliminating the charge.”

B u l l s h i t y o u f u c k i n g a s s h o l e s y o u !

It took pressure from Consumers Union applied to a normally snoring FCC to get their feet off the desk and the newspaper off their heads.

And of course that grand explanation is par for the course example of corporate greed. What’s the real story?

“Verizon said the new surcharge was necessary to cover rising ‘supplier’ costs associated with providing DSL for customers who do not also buy its phone service. Verizon is its own DSL supplier, however, so the new fees would have been going from one company pocket to another.”

How do you like dem dingle berries?

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