Jim Cramer – Wall Street Asshole

Jim Cramer. The Mad Man. It seems unbelievable the NBC (via their CNBC) would endorse this guy. He appears to be the ringleader for the WASP mafia. It is almost as if they should show him playing 3 card monte each day instead of picking stocks. You would probably have a lot better chance of making money playing 3 card on your local street corner than taking Jim Cramer’s advice.



As if his stock prognostication was not annoying enough, this week he said you should have no worries about investing in companies that you find morally corrupt (like cigarette companies, oil, drug companies). It is just about making money. Did he not see Wall Street? Let’s hope that he gets cancer, looses his insurance from CNBC and can’t afford to pay for the cancer drugs. Fucking moral reprobate and overall Jack Ass!

29 Responses to Jim Cramer – Wall Street Asshole

  1. ben says:

    Cramer isnt dumb
    He pumps and dumps and rips off the general public
    I lost 15k due to that idiots advice on his “sure” things

    Listen to Cramer if you want to lose mad money

  2. Cramer hater says:

    Jim Cramer is an utter Fn asshole. Fn idiot will distance himself from his daily blowups. Where is the Fucktard on Corning these days? It TANKED aftre he went nuts on it and now he is pulling his usual ostrich act. This Fn scammer is going to end up in stripes

  3. Sky S. Clear says:

    I am particularly delighted that Jim Cramer has been chosen for this weeks award. However, there need to be an “A-Hole of the Decade” award, in which future generations may marvel at this man’s ineptness.

    I too have had not so delightful ‘listening’ experiences when he first came on with his new television contract with CNBC.. Oh, they touted him.. “A Stock Star”.. etc.. As he first began to entraine us all with his clever ways.. SCREAMING at us.
    Then believed his “STock Star” image , and starting throwing big high back stools!?? That WAS Curious. (Weird, too. Those chairs were HEAVY!!)

    But when he diapered himself, and told everyone he was 62 years of age..
    Well, we all couldn’t believe it!! How young and youthful he acted!!!

    In an E mail reading event on his show.. 6 months later, he answered an e mail on air that challenged his real age.. He quickly told the audience, “Yes, that’s true, I am only 47.”..!!??!! .. THEN, went on to the next email as if he just told us the time!

    What sort of STRANGE and UNNECESSARY behavior..let alone ..LIE..was THAT!??

    Made ME think!

    But there are more important reasons this man deserves this obtuse, and ubiquiteous award..

    THE only REAL pick this man can make.. comes from his nose!! Yes, that is the truth, and I will stand by it!!
    (However, not too closely..)

    I could go on about his VLO vx VNO tout in Aug. of 2005, when he hated VLO 3 months earlier.. Or, about his saying the “‘Blue Cjip was Dead'”.. in thst same year..and that..”By the fall of 2006.. THAT willl be the time to get back into Tech”.. (Kid you not!!)

    But.. it isn’t WHAT he says, ( Most of know ‘The Monkey is Better)….
    It is the WAY he makes his claims!!

    He Yells, He becomes the freak show Geek.. biting heads off Bulls..
    He uses ..sound effects.. He yells some more with spittle coming from his mouth into the cameras.. HE OWNS his WORDS..

    Someone aught to help him permanently KEEP his words.. and shove them where the air flutters odiferously!!

    And that is just my humble opinion.
    Thanks for your time. .
    Miles of smiles.. SKY.

  4. Cramer hater says:

    Cramer continues on as stock tanker and asshole extraordinaire. That jerkoff wants only to be on the side thats winning and he will suck off anyone who is in the limelight then disavow them next week when they tank, Cramer is a FUCKING ASSHOLE as well as stock picking loser. The fucking jerkoff reco’d a slew of stocks that tanked in the selloff. You know his recent fuckshit “dont buy low and sell high, buy high and sell higher! Well that worked out real well di9dnt Cramer you fuckheaded Spitzer sucking Trump groveling Imus bowing assfaced idiot

  5. Cramer hater says:

    And now the asshole commits an agredious act of aggression admitting (bragging) to a web reporter how he manipulated the “Pisanis” of the world when he operated the Cramer Berkowitz Hedge fund. This piece of shit has had it. When is the world gonna wake up and say NO MAS! to this Fucking ahole. His latest fuckups for which he has made no amends is HAL – which is still down from earnings announcements and equally ORCL which he roundly dissed and which promptly beat and strted going up. Hes an asshole

  6. Jim Cramer says:

    Who’s the bigger asshole? The asshole or the asshole who follows his advice? Do your own homework! You deserve to loose your money listening to this guy.

  7. Fucktard says:

    A typical Moron he is for sure. They really should fire this a-hole right off. A real J Clown , Pushing stocks of companies on the verge of collapse. He should not be on the air givng bad advice to the weak of mind.

  8. matt says:

    I like when the little whore was pumping cnbc for the 700 billion, we must have it or the usa will plunge into a depression, I say fuckem all, feed these bankers in a tree shredder one by one and put it on mad money, grind grind grind!!!!!

  9. Cramer is GAY!!!! says:

    This DUDE IS GAY!!!!!

  10. Mike M says:

    Cramer gives good head. He runs a gay chaperone business. Spitzer is now one of his best clients. May they both go to jail and butt-fuck each other.

  11. Mike M says:

    Cramer-roid. Just like hemaroid. May the that rat fuck go to hell. He has ruined our economy. he yells and promotes himself as if he is god. he is the god of shit. Fuck him and his .

  12. HaHaLosers says:

    Everyone who lost money to Cramer is a complete moron. Why?

    1. You listen to a TV shill for stock trading advice.
    2. You can’t predict the markets, and neither can he (look at his track record recently)
    3. Using someone else instead of doing some good old DD.
    4. Panic.

    You reap what you sow.

    And I fucking hate that guy too. That’s why I completely ignore him and his prognostications.

  13. Cramer hater says:

    Cramers said “Buy CAT below 40! This industrial giant will reap the rewards of the Obama reconstruction plan” CAT is now at 30

    That is a 25 percent haircut! Way to go Cramer you FN ASSHOLE!

  14. Never Lost a dime from Crammer says:

    HAHAHA. Jim Crammer is for the morons out there, and judging by his popularity, not my personal opinion 😉 there are a ton of them. Jim Crammer is completely full of crap, 100%. Anyone who listens to him, takes his advice, buys his material, I feel sorry for you.

    I have however MADE money doing the opposite of what Crammer said on about 10 trades. My best example….the day or week before Bear Stearns went out of business Crammer said to buy the stock. I bought puts and made 1400%.

  15. joseph says:

    burn jim cramer and the rest of these whores in hell.

    string them up and crucify them in the flesh.

    hang their heads on wall street.

  16. I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100%, but it’s just my opinion, which could be very wrong.
    p.s. You have an awesome template . Where did you find it?

  17. Mike Marcian says:

    Cramer got his ass reamed by Jon Stewart. A deer in headlights. This was the quietest that Cramer ever has been. Jon Stewart should not let up. The clips he showed were priceless. Especially from 2006, about how he can trick the SEC and that they don’t know what is going on and how he can ” manipulate” the market witha 5 or 10 million dollar trade.
    Cramer, you have made alot of money from your childish, irresponsible, wreckless acts and behavior.
    You, yourself, is a PONZI. You have lost people alot of MAD MONEY.
    May you and Madoff share a cell together for the next 150 years!!!!

  18. wayne says:

    we po’ fo’k es’ luvin’ you rich folk gettin’ yours

  19. Rick says:

    I could never figure this guy out. He is capitalist and yet he is also really into lennin. This never made sence to me.

  20. Ozai says:

    Cut him up into 6 pieces and feed him to pigs, u gotta pull his teeth out first, for the sake of the piggies digestion. Then you’ll get a nice bucket of pig shit labelled Jim cramer

  21. TheTruth says:

    may he die and rot in hell! … he and the rest of Wallstreet!

  22. Kyle K says:

    Morally Corrupt? Oil? Get real. Oil companies provide a VITAL item to our economy. OPEC is the monopoly. The oil companies should be allowed to compete.

  23. mike deevee says:

    Anyone who followed Cramer’s advice has No One to blame but themselves.

    The man admitted on video he has been less then ethical in the past. This information is available on the net. It was an easy tip off to not trust him.

    So take the experience and move on and learn from it.

  24. Dave says:

    Jim Cramer is a fool, IMO. He has a huge staff that does all his research work, and he is more or less a bladder full of hot air.

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    • Robert says:

      The power of observation would lead me to do the opposite of his advise based on the feedback left on this site.I feel bad for you guys cause he is a fucking sales man!

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