Does Barry Munitz know right from wrong?

From his vantage point, if it works in his favor, it’s right. If it were someone else in that same situation, erm, then its wrong. Right?

That’s the apparent conclusion one could draw from his latest scandal. And that’s because- wait for it- Barry has exhibited grade A+++ asshole behavior.

The Getty should fund our research here @ FuckingAsshole. Exhaustive it would be too. They’ll love to hang with us. Got a spare few million?

Anyway, back to the brown matter at hand.

This turd wrangler had to leave the Getty by popular demand, after that LAT exposé on his ‘excesses.’ Here’s a link to the latest scoop.

Whenever a public trust like the Getty is violated by a head who wants to lavish corporate spending on himself and his friends, well that’s the most egregious kind of assholly behavior. I mean, what did he think the Getty was, the freakin’ United Way?

Not only does the Getty itself have a few issues itself as an assholic institution, what with their dealings in the illicit trade in antiquities. But, spending millions to hang on to Barry Bollocks, long after it should have been clear to them he was a liability?

Keep reading- he’s got them fighting over him again (this time on your dime).

The Getty apparently got the corporate head they wanted. One who leads by example:

  • ‘mentoring’ a couple of young women with Getty <ahem> ‘grants’
  • paying for his Porsche
  • having friends collect large sums in the form of <ahem> ‘grants’ for work never done
  • traveling first class to destinations which might not have any real Getty business (230 trips in 7½ years – must be nice!) or the mere slightest thread of legitimacy (“Munitz justified charging the trips to the Getty by saying he was conducting a site visit for an upcoming Getty board meeting.”) so he could play with his billionaire ‘friends’


And then he apparently has the unmitigated gall (the mark of a true asshole- kudos Barry!) to get his cronies on the California State University Trustees board to reinstate his moldy old ass without a legally mandated public hearing.

Back room self-dealing – another mark of the true asshole!

Now get this! The board of trustees position: Munitz didn’t resign, he took “leave of absence.”

Dude, you left like nine years ago! Puh-lease. The fact that trustees would even fight this, when it’s so clearly wrong (that’s what the judge ruled Barry, sorry), is somewhat troubling: your hard-earned tax dollars at work.

People, do not worry about Barry. Not only does he (apparently) have the ear of people in positions to deal him favors; maybe he has something on them as well.

Make no mistake. According to the LATimes article, that Munitz was rehired is fact. That the board’s position is that he was on LOA is fact. That his salary would be double that of a 20 year professor is fact. That he would teach a single class for one quarter (teachers teach three classes for three quarters) of the school year- fact.

All that and a great big ‘tache to tickle the sphincter of up and coming artists after plying them with Getty dollars.

What an asshole!

Barry Munitz… saaaaaaa-loot!

2 Responses to Does Barry Munitz know right from wrong?

  1. Rich says:

    And please don’t forget that before Barry left as Chancellor for the CSU, he signed the agreement to outsource the CSU business and finance systems to PeopleSoft (Now Oracle) for more than $560 million dollars! There was nothing wrong with the old system, and today, almost a dozen years later, the “Common Management System” has cost the taxpayers of California more than $1 billion dollars. And what did we get for that money? Zilch. There’s nothing “common” about having more than 100 servers located in Utah (A right to work state). Response time for the CMS system sucks, it often locks up or logs you out without warning, and the CSU now employs hundreds of over-priced “consultants” to fix the same software problems that the staff used to do as part of their job, except we don’t charge the state $375 per hour! Thanks, Barry, for hosing the entire CSU data storage system. You’ve taken away systems that were working fine, and replaced them with unreliable crap. But, given your outlandish salary and retirement benefits, you really don’t care, do you?

  2. diete rapide says:

    diete rapide…

    […]Does Barry Munitz know right from wrong? « FUCK YOU ASSHOLE![…]…

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