Wall Street AHole Part Deux

E Assholis Maximus. Henry Blodget, dot.com prognosticator, slime ball. He originally came to fame for picking a price, out of his ass of course, that Amazon.com would rise to. When it did shortly afterwards, the mental midgets at Merrill Lynch gave him a great title and a fat paycheck.

hblodget1.jpg He was later the lead zookeeper of the Merrill Lynch Internet Strategies fund. Besides the obscene upfront charges this mutual fund charged investors the right to have this a-hole manage their money, it managed to loose over 700 million dollars in it’s first year. Way to go! Blodget plea bargained a deal in the post dot.com error that allowed him to not go to jail but he is banned from working in the securities industry for life. I think they should have put him in LA county for a year and let him be some gang member’s bitch. Would have served him right! Asshole!

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