Clueless Bush’s whackjob AF Secy wants to ass-rape shit out of US

Been out protestin’ lately, exercisin’ your civil and constitutionally guaranteed (except in time of ‘war’) rights to free speech and assembly?

Expect your head to suddenly explode like a popcorn kernel (Not that you’ll ever know it when it happens).

Thassssss right, this turd squeezer wants to use microwaves and other means (not yet thought of- but give ’em time!) for crowd control. (Let’s hope they only have them set to stun).

What’s next, torture?

Sure, they say ‘non-lethal’, but as we’ve seen at Abu Ghraib, and in the shuffling of prisoners into foreign torture hotels (terrorists check in, but they don’t check out), that means very little.

Torturer No. 1: Oopsy!

Torturer No. 2: What now?

Torturer No. 1: She died.

Torturer No. 2: What did I tell you about putting the ENTIRE tube of hair gel down someone’s trachea?

Torturer No. 1: Sorry. I thought this shit was supposed to be non-lethal.

Torturee: <fx: gurgling noises, sound of urine dribbling on floor>

Torturer No. 2: Oh well, it was only a Democrat.

Both Torturers: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Portrait of an All-American Asshole.

Hey, has anybody ever asked general captain fuckup here what in tarnation makes him think it’s okay to freely experiment on the general population of Americans?

Betting that his answer would be along the lines of “because.”

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