The sick puppies that run AOL are at it again. They ripped me off (I had a similar experience as that guy that made this recording recently did) and it was clear to me A LONG FRIGGIN’ TIME AGO these were nasty, unrepentant, sneaky, underhanded, misrepresenting folks of the lowest caliber.

Assholes! If you need a person not an entire company of assholes to focus on that resembles a hairy ringed volcano, use a picture Steve Case. (Is Steve Case a dickhead or an asshole? I haven’t quite got that figured yet. He morphs from one to the other with seeming ease. A true master. Kudos.)

Special request: Does anybody have a link to a mirror of the AOL data that was released and then pulled- you know, the search data that went back several years?

I extracted myself from their clingy embrace nine years ago in what can only be described as bloodier than a coyote ugly move, so after so much time my search data might not be there. Too bad!

AOL seemed to regard the late 90’s boom time e-conomy as simply a license for larceny. Good one, Steve!

This time, they’re being accused of forging signatures, as well as welshing on payment. With an infomercial titan, no less!

(They deserve each other).

Just brings up all sorts of concerns about web based advertising, especially when it’s performance based. Who counts the clicks, and how do you substantiate them?

Line ’em up, and we’ll keep knocking ’em down.

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