Hugo, you are the boss

Calling Clueless Bush the devil who farts (or belches?) sulfur (“I’ll never follow him on stage again”- John Kerry) was not only a very close approximation of his stature in the world today, but also the view of quite a few of his fellow countrymen, who recognize he’s no longer just “our idiot.”

Now, he also belongs to the world.

Clueless Bush and his cronies are doing their utmost best to make the world safe for big business and fancy finance and to better themselves (feather their nests) in anticipation of the bleak-looking world ahead (they fear the brown skin worse than you can imagine, Hugo), and help his friends the House of Saud and other megalomaniacs (wasn’t Saddam one of his daddy’s best buds once upon a time?) too (wait, aren’t they brown too? Nope, they’re green (not that kind of green)).

So, who is Hugo to criticize these fine upstanding citizens of the (ahem) world?

Well. Never-mind the casualties caused by invading the wrong fucking country are measured in increments of tens of thousand- which kind of makes it them all seem not quite important since they’re not white-skinned Americans but two different flavors of Muslim. Never-mind that Halliburton and even Princess Cruise Lines (¿Qué?) are raking in the cash hand over fist (“an unprecedented fleecing of America”) because of their close connections via lobbying and old ‘privitazation ties.’ Never-mind that Afghanistan is lost because of their unfuckingbelievable screw ups and inability to keep their eye on the ball.

They got it coming in each and every way. You’ve heard of the sacking of Rome? No Vandals here, just a few circle-jerking Republicans with their free hand in the cookie jar. They’re robbing us blind, no doubt about it, and it is just like Americans to stand idly by and, they’ll even politely close the gate after they’re gone (if there is still a gate left to close).

Okay, okay, so who exactly is the asshole here, I suspect your wondering? Not Hugo- he’s telling it like it is from his point of view. John Bolton, the poor man’s Robert Bork? (Yes, they got him through, this is what happens when you remove checks and balances from the system: SHIT oozes through the cracks.) George Bush? Dick Cheney? Fidel Castro? Kofi Annan?

Too bleeding obvious.

How about the American voter, for setting these fucks up in office in the first place, and re-electing them when they already knew about their ‘character issues.’

Amen, motherfuckers. I vote you today’s asshole.

One Response to Hugo, you are the boss

  1. […] …who obviously doesn’t know (or care) about their fucking vote anyway, guess what? Some mother fuckers have figured this out and decided stealing them is the easy-peasiest best plan ever… and who’s ever going to notice anyway, hmmmmm? […]

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