NEWSFLASH: The United States already lags behind much of the industrialized world in broadband access.

And AT&T, Verizon – they want to keep it that way.

Keep the standards low and the prices high. Charge through the ass for additional speed.

“Broadband” at the Bell casa is “as high” as 384k- and that’s not even guaranteed.


And for this we pay $30+/mo? Shit, that’s not even 7x better than fucking dial-up!

“Broadband’ in most of the EU? 20mbps. At half the price we’re paying for <ahem> ‘broadband’ here.

That is some sick shit.

We’re getting shafted here in the blossom, if you hadn’t noticed.

They sit around the cigar smoke filled rooms drinking shandies with their pinkies extended, dreaming up new ways they can gouge Mr. and Mrs. American Consumer.

And they want to unload their ‘less-profitable’ customers because they’re spread farther and wider, and therefore too much bother.

At least the pre-break-up Ma Bell had some idea of what service meant, and took an interest in providing to everyone. They brought their services to those of us who live rurally. In the boonies. Out yonder.

Today, we’re too much trouble, and farmers aren’t important to their bottom line.

When this should be part of their charter.

Welcome to the great rip-off America gang-bang. Compassionate conservatism? Yeah, throw that on the dung-heap with trickle down economics, pal.

“Vermont — like all rural states — has higher fixed costs of providing service,”

I’m sick of tired about everything being about the bottom line, and then out of the other side of their mouth telling us how much they love their customers.

Fuck that.

We’re Americans fer chrissakes, we’re supposed to lead the rest of the world! We’re supposed to believe in equality! We’re supposed to stick together and hold out a hand and give our fellow Americans a boost up when they need it! Not be fucking slaves to the fucking bottom line, and look to please only the corporate shareholders. Who the fuck are they anyway, Der Fuhrer?!?

How about if their fucking spokesmodel said something like “We’re up to a challenge like that, because those customers deserve service too.”

But their fucking shareolders wouldn’t like that, would they?

Fuck you Polly Brown, you’re a reeeeeeeeeeeal asshole. Take the buttplug out and get a fucking clue!

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