The Assholes at HP are working overtime

Even this just shows to go you that at every level, HP is populated by assholes. They must be trying to one up each other!

Not only will Patty Dunn and her other recently jettisoned board members cronies get some fabulous multi-million dollar settlement form HP, she’ll probably dodge jail time (if not the Reaper) due to being a white collar criminal (if convicted, of course).

Seems like HR@HP has taken this spirit of vindictiveness to new levels (Patty can be sooooo inspiring). HP, once upon a time, treated their employees as well as any company.

But no more.

Want to keep your job?

You can, if you agree to do the same job, but for less money and a smaller salary band.

Or… quit!

No severance of course. You’ve got to be an unethical, law-breaking (possibly), scummy board member to merit that.

Such a deal!

Maybe there’s a job 4 u at Dell?

Fuck the shareholders too.

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