Mark Foley (is an asshole) Update

Alright, the best part of this is the inherent humor of a sad paedo (allegedly) trolling for unsuspecting teenagers (if there is such a thing).

Some of the highlights:

  • Former Fox News White House spokesman Tony Snow dismissed it as “naughty emails” in which Foley was “over-friendly”. Heh.
  • Funniest IM exchange between Foley and boy: Foley describes his masturbating technique and encourages the boy to get his cock out… until the boy interrupts with “Oh, my mom is yelling”.
  • Foley received major political support from the Church of Scientology. The very anti-gay Church of Scientology.
  • Congress’s Ethics committee knew for more than a year, did nothing and “forgot” to tell the only Democrat on the committee.
  • Internet Republican suckdog Matt Drudge-packer has been putting about the story that Foley is just an innocent – its all the fault of the boys.

See the Foley IM transcripts.

Ona related topic, do you know what is cited as the biggest cause of paedophilia today?

Sexy kids.

Three cocks on the strut for some kiddy poon.

One Response to Mark Foley (is an asshole) Update

  1. […] Interestingly, he blames alcohol for his failing moral compass, just like Foley. PaaaAAAaaartaaaaay! […]

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