Who would win?

If Jesus had an ultimate fight to the death with Freddy and Jason, I wonder who would win?

Predator! (Nobody saw him coming).

Has this country gone Chuy mad?

Enrollment in xtian ‘colleges’ is up by 70%, and xtian music sales are up 300% in the last decade.

Religious camps have been set up to train a new generation of crusaders.

There’s a Dead Rabbi Jesus Camp in North Dakota where young children are taught to speak in tongues and worship a photo of George W Bush fer xssakes. Head freak Pastor Becky Fisher says, “I want to see them as radically laying down their lives for the gospel, as they are in Pakistan, in Israel and in Palestine.” One of the young trainees agrees, saying, “We are kinda being trained to be warriors.. only in a much funner way.”

Worship Bush?

FUCKINGASSHOLES! (wait, it’s some kind of joke, right?)

For all you clueless fucking asshole xtian idjits out there, no actual being would win that fight to the death, because they’re all fictitious. Crikey, you’re such ignoramii (correct or not, I like that spelling).

With this cancer affecting an ever increasing part of the body politic, we all lose.

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