Hey! Mel! Over here!

Laughing off your foibles is the practiced skill of the negligent alcky. Mel’s apparently gotten a lot of practice, he’s so smooooooth.

But a dickhead is a dickhead, and this one’s a real asshole.

I don’t care if you put yourself at risk, but the real offense (besides the legal infraction) is he could have actually injured or killed someone. PCH is notoriously dangerous because of the curves, speed, and inherent danger to not just other autos but bicyclists and pedestrians too. Mixing alcohol into this equation is a potentially volatile act but is of one’s free will, and so I have no sympathy for Mel, who, obviously knowing all of this, chooses to drink and drive of his own volition.

Throw the fucking book at ’em, I say. Pricks and assholes, every last one of them. Including you, Melvin.

That the drink driving aspect of this is being glossed over by just about everybody in favor of a few of Mel’s choice words and phrases shouldn’t surprise anyone. But, instead of slanderous or hate speech, how about we focus on the attempted murder aspect of Mel’s negligent actions?

Ooh I forgot, that would be responsible journalism.

On a note of sociological importance, what comes first: wealth and fame, or the oversized ego/arrogance of being a large turd-emitting asshole?

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