Save the drama for yo mama

Will somebody get us some good governin’ here, puh-lease!?!

The LAUSD School Board- a collective of turd chompers if ever there were one.

The retiring Supe, one Roy Romer, has not been the sterling motive force of change his initials might suggest.

Instead he was an insipid, uninspired bureaucrat who toed the heels of each and every school board member; who proclaimed progress while showing absolutely none. An act of deceptive toadying unequaled since Bush 43 sucked the hairy anus of the xtian vote (oh wait, he’s still doing that isn’t he?).

According to this article, his replacements’ all but been selected.

There has long been a power struggle between the mayor and the Board. The LAUSD board is famously ineffectual and detached from reality.

And a money pit. The LAUSD budget is higher than the budget for the entire city- that’s like all other LA city services combined.

That the mayor wasn’t even asked to participate in the selection process is indicative of the recent travails of his success against this do-nothing, know-nothing LAUSD Board. Haters!

And thus, the entire system is in place for the new Supe to fail.

Geez, here we go again! The spirit of Zacarias lives!

The LAUSD School Board doesn’t like to play ball, or play nice. That’s clear simply because in this latest escapade, the Board has been meeting secretly (out of view of not just the mayor, but the public too) and considering candidates for replacing out-going Supe Romer (a failure, who should have been shit-canned long before he could actually fucking retire from this fucking job, which tells you all you need to know!)

The chosen one is an ex-Admiral with 35 years in the military, who had 8,000 men under him (ahem). FYI, the USD is several magnitudes greater, plus the added complexity of several layers of government, not simply one fascist hierarchy with a chain of command (that’s fucking easy).

Oh, and get this: he has absolutely no experience as an educator.

None. Zip. Nada. Zilch.WTF?!?

One has to wonder: what kind of person would accept this job, based on the dynamics here?

Especially when it’s plainly clear the board is trying to slip the new person in under the wire- come January 1, the mayor has the power to hire and fire the Supe.

This new role should have the blessing of the mayor, and legally he will have that power, in a few short months. Why the rush, eh?

Well, it’s a fairly typical move for these self-dealing board members. Based on this and many other actions, it is clear they don’t believe they serve the city or the electorate (or the students).

Once in office, they only serve themselves.

A person of character would stand down as a candidate (one did) for a few months until he can gain the mayor’s endorsement. If not for the good of the city, then to set an example of good governance, and genuine concern and respect for the student body.

If he is the best person for the job, why try and sneak him past? And do we want someone who wants to squeak by?

Is the Admiral really a viable candidate? Who knows. But the borad short changes the constituency in the process, because they want what they want- “fuck you voters, we know what’s best.”

So to sum it up, the position of Supe is skewed to be screwed.

He must really need the job!

Maybe it’s time the board members bend over and meet the Board of Education!

LAUSD Supervisor: where old soldiers go to die! (when they can’t get a cushy job as a Pentagon contractor because they’re either incompetent or never learned how to play ball).

I guess he’ll be a perfect fit for the dysfunctional LAUSD family.

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