Give it back, Dick

With Dick Grasso appealing his right to keep $100 million of unearned compensation the court decided he had to return, hopefully Eliot Spitzer has nailed another coroprate fuck crook with a sense of entitlement.

At the very least give the money back, fucker.

What I’d like to know is, how did you earn it? What exactly did you do? Did you add value in some way? How, exactly? Can you take credit for something besides being a titular head with no real power or influence, and just a lot of cronies victims buddies?

If he actually did anything other than tread water, please, tell us, we all want to know if you actually earned it. Otherwise, fork it over, clown! All $139 million pal. And don’t complain, ‘cos your ass should be grass.

And while were at it, Eliot, nail the fuckers who let him tie his pay not to his performance, but to some alien metric of performance.

All CEO’s take note.

As for his claim that he was due severence of an additional $95 million: pure chutzpah. You fucking resigned, you asshole you.

Too bad Eliot hasn’t looked further into proving theft or fraud by this grease ball. A conviction would slap his ass in the pokey Martha Stewart style, for at least a couple of years.

That would send the right kind of message: DON’T FUCK WITH AMERICA, ASSHOLES!

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