There’s a New Tax

Call it the don’t carry around large amounts of cash or it will be confiscated tax.

Anyone else sick of being assumed guilty? Like the way you get treated at the airport?

The average citizen now is assumed to be guilty or up to no good by the state. The state exercises intimidation tactics in lieu of fighting crime or terrorism effectively because they really (really!) don’t know what else to do.

Let’s make it look like we’re doing something, by creating the greatest public works project since Roosevelt! Look busy everyone!

This is what it’s like now, to live in Amerikkka.

First we read about the Mexican truck driver whose cash for a new tractor he was using to purchase was seized by the state. Then there was the recent story where Western Union funds were seized by the state of Arizona. Now this in Florida.

Are these legitimate means of controling crime, or are they a vast shakedown using the color of authority? The abuse of power has never been so blatant as it is at this time in history.

Where will it end?

What a country!

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