Little Difference

This guy actually killed an entire family. He believes he is a prophet, and  has conversations with God. Heh.

“I profess my love for God, my family, for my children, for Kathy (his wife). I am because you are,” Lundgren said in his final statement.

Change that last bit to read “I was because you are.” Heh. What an asshole.

He tried to stall his execution
due to his weight (275 lbs- that’s one fat mother fucking murderer) and diabetes. Which just proves what a coward he really is, as murder is the action of cowards (I’m talking to you Mr. Bush, and to you to, Ayatollah What’syourface). I thought you had friends in high places?

So I wondered aloud, what separates him from Pat Robertson, a man with an un-xtian like zeal  of murder in his heart, other than a small matter of committing an actual mass murder? Patsy called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, which is not a whole lot different from some mullah telling his followers to kill Americans.

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