Human Trafficking

Does this idiot of an asshole think anyone is still interested in her attention whore stylings? This whole debacle has erupted like anal warts on her face. Not to mention the poor kid and his father in the middle of it all.

Adopting a kid who isn’t an orphan (perhaps you genuinely didn’t know, but did you bother to find out? Or did you just think this would never surface?) simply to get publicity in your twilight years is no way to show your humanity.

You are just another celebutard asshole, manipulating Malawi officials to spirit away your little bundle of publicity joy to England, apparently without remorse.

This poor kid’s suffered enough! Africa has suffered enough. Do they need someone who’s sole intention is to climb a majestic floater in the public cesspool, in an effort to one-up one of their celebutard rivals?

But with Madonna, I guess the end justifies the means.


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