Federal Reserve Bank assisting illegal alien lawbreakers


Yes, and it’s being kept really quiet. The main stories taking up column inches today lack any real depth or meaning (Tom Foley, puh-lease), and simply serve to titilate (“sexy stories”); AKA a red herring. The important ones (“boring stories”), like this, are freakin’ terrifying, because of implications further down the road for this country as an autonomous and sovereign state.

This certainly tells you that your government (I didn’t vote for the fuckers, and I consider myself <ahem> libertarian) is seriously going against what you might expect to be the intentions of ‘financial conservatives.’

Goes to show most Americans, who couldn’t give a flying fuck how their government is, um, governed, that as soon as they take their eye off the ball, see what happens.

Can I see a show of hands: who out there voted for “Son of A New World Order?” Heh.

Are we really in control of our government? Or are they (the non-elected e.g. Karl Rove, James Baker, Ben Bernaenke, et al) rapidly increasing the amount of countol they have over us?

Do you even have to think about that before answering?

Of course you do, you are were an American.

Yeah right.

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