The Family That Fucks America Together…

sticks together. Thick as thieves, this little family unit is highly functional, motivated by, what else, greed. And screwing Americans in the ass. It’s a bonding experience. If it feels so good, it can’t be bad, right?

Too bad Eisenhower isn’t around anymore, to remind us what stupid shits we can be. Soon as you look the other way, they’re picking your pocket with one hand, and lubing your bum with the other, preparing it for an unannounced midnight visit.

Fun for the entire family!

I know the klan Weldon looks like pikers compared to the Bush-Cheney-Crony war-for-profit party. It’s just that it seems like an epidemic. It’s not a stretch to say, it isn’t very likely you could find an honest person in the entire legislative branch of the government.

In a country where most citizens don’t know who their elected representatives are, let alone who this booger from the Quaker state is, it seems like the setting is perfect to do crime. It must seem to them like they possess, as a birth right, the license to steal. And they sure as shit use it, like a Mastercard with no limit.

Feel free to do so right under our very own noses, no need to pretend to keep this clandestine!

Are we ever going to learn?

We should do something about it. But, what?

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