Bush Advisor Rents Boys by Hour

in meth-filled trysts, he regularly enjoyed “male companionship” in motel rooms. Nothing yet about them being underage.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem, if he didn’t talk so much about how much he hates fags.

Lesson: Beware of anyone who preaches about everyone elses poor moral fiber.

What a hypocrit. He must be a Republican. <checks> Yep.

We seem to need regular reminders that the most vocal about something might just have something to hide, or at least have their own personal issues to iron out (and to do it in such a humiliating way, that’s a question for psychiatry).
I wonder how many time he shook the Prez’s hand? And did the Prez ever smell his fingers afterward?

I suppose we’ll never know that much detail.

“Ted Haggard, who runs one of the largest churches in the US and regularly consults the White House on policy matters, had been paying a male prostitute to have sex with him about once a month for the past three years, a man who claims to be the male escort told a Denver radio station.”

Let us pray:

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