Jesus Camp is closing down. Closing down. Closing down

Borat has nothing on these filmmakers.

They filmed their subjects straight, no narration, just let their subjects own words tell the story.

That their message was about hate, intolerance, and racist, apparently woke a few folks up when they learned they were in their very backyard.

Their neighbors were less than enthusiastic.

Jesus Saves – at Wal-Mart.

Perhaps the disgraceful Ted Haggard had more to do with last Tuesday’s election results than Iraq, the Idiot in Chief himself, or the guts of Republican hypocrisy spilled out for all the world to see (in Technicolor on Fux!).

Despite the lawsuit by three frat bros, who were apparently embarrassed by their ‘performance’ in the film. They accuse the filmmakers of winding them up and then letting them go.

Jesus wasn’t an American. Surprise!

Apparently the school’s communication 101 prof either didn’t happen to mention it, or they missed class that day (there’s a surprise!), but the formula:

Alcohol+testosterone+video camera=idiocy_captured_for_posterity!

It’s scientifically proven. Not that science matters much to anybody mentioned in this blog entry (except perhaps Borat).

Apparently Jesus Camp hasn’t gotten the warm reception for the public they expected.

“I thought ALL Americans loved Jesus”.

Looks like someone misjudged the public perception of their ‘good deeds’ or intentions. Or both…

Which goes to show you (in one of those roundabout fashions) how much tolerance there is in America.

And that even a few people, practicing intolerance, can take advantage of the public’s good faith only for so long.

Sucks being you.

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