Chicken Little

If the prevailing beliefs about Peak Oil, which oil men like Clueless and Self-Dealing, et al possibly use as their basis for the invasion of Iraq and everything they do to support it- such as eroding civil liberties (this single minded pursuit of giving oil importance above everything else, humans and their rights included)- prove to have a false premise (after all, these scares have been with us before, and time and again we fall for it), then they’re going to have a lot to answer for.

And their answer better not be ‘whoopsy!

As this article explains, the faulty analysis used in determining reserves makes erroneous assumptions which compromise the conclusion.

Those who believe a peak is imminent tend to consider only proven remaining reserves of conventional oil, which they currently estimate at about 1.2 trillion barrels. In the view of many petroleum geologists, this is a pessimistic estimate because it excludes the enormous contribution likely from probable and possible resources, those yet to be found, and plays down the importance of unconventional reserves in the Canadian oil sands, the Orinoco tar belt, oil shale and GTL projects. CERA believes the global inventory is some 4.8 trillion barrels, of which about 1.08 trillion barrels have been produced, leaving 3.72 trillion conventional and unconventional barrels, an order of magnitude that will allow productive capacity to continue to expand well into this century.

Considering that our current pump woes have more to do with tight supply and not an actual shortage of crude, then if it isn’t clear to you that you’re being legally ripped off then you are full of shit.

Sorry if the truth hurts.

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