Taking His Lessons from the Big Boys

But this turd muncher is all small time.

He does have a gift!

He’s in charge of providing housing for low-income residents, but he’s also driving a new Hummer sport utility vehicle. It was paid for with your tax money.

Not exactly a talent, per se. So, is stealing from taxpayers a natural or acquired skill?

Kurt Creager even trots out Katrina preparedness in his defense.

“A lesson we learned from Hurricane Katrina: you have to be prepared. You hope something doesn’t happen, but as a property manager, we have to be prepared.”

But my favorite quote of the day:

“We’re in positive cash flow. I’d say we’re healthier than General Motors and Ford Motors combined. Frankly, the issue has to do with accounting rules.”

Hmm, let’s see:

(-1) + (-1) = (-2)

Voila! It all makes sense!

The transpareny on this guy is set at about 1.

He’s a Brownie in the making. Put him in charge of FEMA!

(Take a close look at the picture. What are the odds he’s got a ponytail?)

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