RIP Fuckhead

This putrid chancre-sucking turd wanted to be president so bad, he was ready to bend over and take it from all comers.

Since he was at least smart enough to now nobody would ever elect him (most of America mumbled a collective “Gerald Who?” when the chosen one’s name was announced), he accepted what would be for him a “no-brainer,” a deal he could certainly live with: pardon Nixon for all crimes he may or may not have committed (yeah, baby!), and screw the American people, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law all in their collective asses.

With a razor blade tickler.

And yet some people can actually find the words to praise this dead fucking asshole like he was some kind of statesman. Yeah, right. Had he never accepted that sweetheart deal, he’d have been long ago forgotten- excepting maybe as “Mr. Betty Ford.”

What a jackass. Asshole. Asswipe. Freakenstein.

I spit on your grave, Mr Asshole president Who Was Never Elected I.

L-R: Ruinous Rummy, Our Asshole, and Self Dealer

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