Executive Assistant of State

America acts in the world like it is leaderless or bi-polar.

If you wonder about that assertion, then all you need do is look at death and destruction atround the globe, and wonder: where’s this country’s leadership? Who’s in charge? The president? The vice president? The secretary of state? Congress?

The neocons (who obviously had Iraq’s number from day one) (yeah, right) use to loooove to talk about cutting off the head of the snake, Hussein. Yet they never quite managed to accomplish this.

The snake head that runs this country is either missing or slumbering. How is it that this country’s diplomatic corp can be so easily intimidated at the negottiating tble by a pip squeak of a dick-tator in North Korea? Ethiopa (land of the starving) apparently has an army (who knew?) and is making moves on Somalia and Darfur, and while Bush would rather clear weeds than attend funerals for dead presidents (Reagan, Ford), Rice is running around like yet another animal with its head cut off (squwak!), accomplishing fuck all.

Just setting the military forces up shop in Iraq so they can do their usual business and then taking a vacation is no way to run a country or a war, son. Did you smoke too much crack back in your youth, and did it rot your brain? Abu Ghraib and other atrocities committed by American troops are commonplace, under-reported, and would this happen on the watch of a steward who gives a shit?

With their legacy of international tumult, poorly played brinksmanship, theft by proxy of the treasury, the leaders of the homeland ™ today make all of us look (yes, democrats too) to the rest of the world like a rogue nation which would rather arrogantly elbow it’s way to the trough like an 800 pound pig.

The credit is all yours, pal, I hope you fucking enjoy it. Hisotry will be kind and the footnotes will read you were a fucking retard due to drugs and alcohol.

As for Condoleeza, if she wants to be invisible, she’s doing a heckuva job. Her legacy at this stage will undeniably be the most innefectual Secretary of State this country ever produced.

Maybe her title should more accurately refelect her job? Let’s get it changed to “Executive Assistant of State.”

Sure, she logs the air miles like a champ, but what has Condi acutally accomplished? Was her goal all along simply to fly free for the rest of her life?

Mission accomplished!

2 Responses to Executive Assistant of State

  1. John Speiro says:

    What can I say. Boy you guys must be in ca. How can you live with yourself. Defacing the president of the United States. You think he is bad. If I were president I would have you all shot for treson. Because you are all trators to this country and trators are exicuted. I think it is time to set an example in these United States. Some will die so others can live in peace.

    You see, what you are venting will only lead to the destruction of this country. Why don’t you take your sorry ass to the middle east and see how you like it there. I have been there. You sorry scum would’t last a day .

    You make me sick and I would gladly —- all of you and sleep like a baby.

    If you don’t like this country and what it stands for then get the hell out. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Have a nice day 🙂


  2. Paco Bell says:

    Pussyboy, be glad we’re going to be in charge- for a long long while (you should consider a move to Argentina, it should be more to your taste). Because my basic high-quality humanity, vs. your guttersnipe mentality makes me the better person, I guess I won’t have you shot for treason for aiding and abetting in the taking down of this country.

    No sir-ee, I’ll protect you from the mob, like the sheriff in a small western town. They may want to lynch your sorry ass, but I won’t let em.

    Know why?

    Because when they cool down, they too can laugh at a fucking piece of shit like you.

    You’ll end up in prison like Bushy and Cheeney, mark my words.


    And don’t read my blog anymore!

    P.S. Americans like you are what’s wrong with this country. We were once a great nation – then the great pretenders like your kind somehow elbowed their way into the front of the room. They got all of their friends elected to positions of support, and then proceeded to make such a big mess, that the next several generations will wind up paying for their sins.

    How do you like them bad apples? Hope your kids have an appetite, because soon that’ll pretty much be the menu.

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