Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Johnnie M. Burton: a crony’s crony and willing submissive (handsomely remunerated! now bend over beyotch!) for the oilgarchy running Washington (and oh, the entire country)(Anyone else noticing paralles between the USA and that other purported democracy, the USSR Russia?). They’ve been terrifically successful quietly integrating their street soldiers into the bureaucracy, in order to get at the prize. Now they have access, they can loot the Treasury and the wealth of this nation, as if it’s their own personal piggy bank

It was surely savvy to have forged connections in order to participate in the grand looting fest going on right under our very noses. With absolutely no oversight, this country should be wealth free (unpaid oil leases, a half trillion in Iraq, Katrina carpetbaggers, etc.) in no time!

So Johnnie M. Burton failed to renegotiate some contracts because they were initiated by a previous adminstration. They had cooties!

Plus, her friends will stand by Johnnie M. Burton in this troubled time, keeping her away from illumination because she’s a blood sucker.

And as ignorant young fools men enlist because they can’t get a good job and (having been braiwashed) wrongly believe that it’s the right thing to do.

Just remember one thing: there are many Bushes of enlistment age, but the only uniform you’ll see any Bush wearing will be around Halloween.

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