Who Is The Decider Exactly?

This article from the BBC which recounts how the office of the Vice President rejected out of hand a proposal from Iran that cold have quelled insurgency in Beruit and Iraq.

Did the president ever get a chance to see it (and would one of his adivsors have read it to him)? Not that one would bother to extrapolate that he would/could have done anything about it, since he’s such a horrbile negotiator (and true, a bit dense). Instead of persuading people not to kill us, he prefers to egg them on like the spoiled fucking child he still is.

Makes you wonder whether the case for war, which constantly changes shape as the hole these motherfuckers have dug gets deeper, could have been mitigated and terror and death minimized. I guess we’ll never fucking know.

Heckuva job Dicky!

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