Fuck You F.C.C.

Broadband coverage in this country is well known to be woefully inadequate. Some might say: a joke!

It is well-known competition is stifled, perhaps by the (alleged) collusion between the telcos and cabecos to not dig in each others back yard.

Meanwhile, western Europe kicks the USA’s ass (again).

The Center for Public Integrity want to study and find out how competitive the American market is (not very) and perhaps recommend what improvements are needed to benefit, like, you know, the consumers.

Yet the public agency respnsible doesn’t want to cooperate. I mean, fer chrissakes, it’s a PUBLIC agency-Hello!our data- and the best the FCC can do is refuse and then have the gonads to pimp out some specious argument about revealing competitors information to each other. Absurd.

What’s wrong, FCC, afraid of a little scrutiny? You serve us, the American public, not the multi-national corporations.

One might think your data is cooked and you simply don’t want to be caught with yer pants down.

Might it embarrass your corporate overlords, who are behind this act of stubborn pig-headedness?

So CPI are left with that one and only all-American all-purpose tool: sue!

Geez what a waste of space the F.C.C. are.

I spit in your general direction.

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