Bush and Cheney to Switch Jobs

Difficult to believe? Well, it’s true!

“Why keep up this pretense any longer?” asked the former Veep, Mr. Cheney. “In time of war, a convoy can only go as fast as it’s slowest ship. I think George is a really swell guy, but we need to stop dragging our heels, get a move on, and get control of the situation.”

Which situation the new President was referring to wasn’t made clear.

This historic switcheroo is sure to provoke a constitutional crisis. However, pundits claim this isn’t entirely unprecedented.

“President Reagan effectively did the same thing, only he never relinquished the title,” said William Kristol of the Project for New American Century, a think tank and influential lobby based in Washington D.C.

Mr. Kristol continued, “What Mr Cheney has decided to do is in the best interest of the American public and the Iraqi people in this time of war, and will be looked back as an important, if not historic, development in government by the people, for the people.”

Mr. Bush has been in seclusion at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

The former president has so far remained silent, and has chosen, according to aides, not to comment in detail on the role reversal at this time.

“The new Vice President would like the American public to know, that this development is in their best interests, and they should not fear for their country at this time,” has been his only official response.

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