We Are Them

February 17, 2007

It has just occurred to me that citizens of this land of ours who subject themselves to airport security scrutiny do so much as Palestinian laborers do when entering sectors in israel.

We’re fricken ‘guest workers’ in our own fricken country, fer chrissakes.

And what about those terror alerts? Are they still in use? Did anybody pay attention to them then? In retrospect, they were pretty fucking useless, I think we could all agree, and served no purpose whatsoever.

And what is with the FDA cutting back on the number of inspectors of our food supply. Are they being redeployed? Looking for mad cows, perhaps, or avian flu birds?

The World’s Worst Driver

February 6, 2007

apparently hails from Florida (where else?)

Your blogmasters here at Fucking Asshole like to zoom in on big targets (cos they’re easier), but once in awhile a small target makes themsleves into a big juicy returd target.

Herewith we present…

If There Was Ever Any Doubt About Global Warming

February 2, 2007

Perhaps there isn’t any more.

As this Guardian article explains, those returds at the American Enterprise Institute offered scientists 10,000 samolies (US) in an attempt to undermine a very important report about to be released by the UN.

Sure, greed is good, and the AEI are surely counting on that most American of human traits to further blow smoke out of their asses and into everyone else’s face <cough>.

“Hey gang, I have an idea, let’s muddy up the issue further! It’s fun! And profitable! And it’ll all come a cropper long after we’re dead anyway, and my trust fund heirs will be safely ensconced on higher ground in soon-to-be balmy Wyoming! Even the lesbian ones!” -Swinging Dick Cheney, American Overlord

The Cornhole Lobby

February 1, 2007

These returds aren’t as smart as they believe themselves to be.

While Big Agra might have a powerful lobby that can get laws that they favor (and favor them) passed, their short sightedness and inefficient means of production nearly nullifies the tariff advantage they currently enjoy of about a dollar a gallon, as imported ethanol is actually cheaper.

And as their ethanol product, based on corn, is inferior to Brazil’s, based on sugar cane, one has to wonder where the free marketeers are, and why their keeping their lips zipped.

Maybe they own stock in Con Agra?

High Fructose Corn Syrup replaced sugar in most snack foods beginning about twenty years ago, and after realizing it’s bad affects (HFCS definitely is missing sugar’s taste and texture) I now avoid it religiously. I expect someday there will be studies that definitively linking HFCS to the rise of obesity in this country, along with the high carb diet fiasco that our government in their infinite wisdom began promoting more than twenty years ago.

I suppose it is naive to find surprise each time it hits me square between the eye that there are interests (as in a percentage) in conning the American consumer. The cornholers enjoy, along with the oil lobby,their political fuck buddies, distorting reality and pushing us around like big chiefs run amok.

They’re making the case for invading Brazil as I write, you can bet on it.