Outsourcing has become another way to enable cronies to take the money and run. Walter Reed is just the latest example, where sub-standard care has made the UD a laughing stock. A nation with all of the resources, and puts it veterans (support the troops is the hue and cry used to shut us up) through something akin to the black hole of Calcutta.

There are too many examples to list. We can look at “no bid” contracts, the phrase which pretty much tells you it’s a plum ripe to be picked. Or “cost-plus” contracts, which easily (and quickly) become runaway trains because the more the contractor spends, the higher their compensation.

And of course you have Halliburton, et al soaking us for all they can, and because of the embargo on freedom of information (which is a cleverly cloaked under of national security), any question you or I might ask about accountability are easily dismissed as “anti-patriotic” – whatever that means. “Don’t you trust your government?”

Uh, no.

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