Bedtime for Gonzo?


“President Bush was pleased with the attorney general’s testimony today,” Dana Perino quoted the president as saying.

Denial is not a river in Egypt, dude.

This is the caliber of our government officials when a C student gets the top job. He doesn’t know- can’t possibly grok- a person of superior intellect.

He picked his private counsel to be AG. Without realizing he was an Alzheimer’s sufferer.

He thought his other private counsel would be a solid choice for the Supremes.

The person he chose to select his running mate chose himself.

The best and brightest apparently come out of Regent U.

His Enron posse are dead or in jail (or under indictment).

He stands idly by while the biggest redistibution of wealth in this country takes place.

Seriously, this is the best we could do?

At least Clinton was a competent steward and left office with a budget surplus.

This country hasn’t won a war since 1945. What’s up with that?

Someone once said we get the government we deserve. After all, the Current Occcupant was elected fair and square. Right?

Riddle me this, asswipes: What do you call some fucker who gets caught with his hand in the till, and then refuses to resign?

’nuff said.

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