You Have to Admit, This Soldier Has a Point

The shooting at VT was certainly a tragedy. But seemingly, to the adminstration that governs our country, the soldiers dying daily receive no such tribute.

“I find it ironic that the flags were flown at half-staff for the young men and women who were killed at VT, yet it is never lowered for the death of a U.S. service member,” Wilt wrote.

The President has NEVER attended a funeral of one of our dead American soldiers from Iraq. Does he care? Apparently not. They’re simply there– to be used in hos folly.

The adminstration has forbidden the photographing of body bags and caskets simply because it would become to clear to Americans what a tragiedy is unfolding two or three continents away.

And this same adminstration makes no tribute recognizing the sacrifice of bracve American soldiers.

For shame, President Cheney, for shame.

Are we not worthy?

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