Crazy Frickin’ Canucks, eh?

Recently the government up there in the Great White North decided to ban incandescent light bulbs in the near future.

In favor of lower wattage flourescent and LED’s to, you know, like, save the planet and shit.

What are the costs to society when such irresponsible policies, under a pretense of responsibility, result in inordinate costs due to toxic chemicals present in the new, energy saving, “green” light bulbs?

You break an incandescent bulb, it makes a deliciously satisfying ‘pop’- but no toxic contamination. C’mon.

If this is where society is heading, I’d like a show of hands: anyone want to flee with me to an island of sanity?

Anyone? I’ll have fudge!

One Response to Crazy Frickin’ Canucks, eh?

  1. Johnny Boy says:

    What factory in Canada is set up to make those tens of millions of replacement light bulbs? Or the U.S., for that matter?

    Hint: the country I’m thinking about packages all of its products in almost indestructible clear plastic.

    Hint #2: Wal-Mart has used it as a source to make lots of things so that they could remain the low price leader (and consequently drive American businesses under and put American workers out of jobs).

    Hint #3: Al Gore has tsk-tsk-ed them for their carbon dioxide emissions.

    Hint #4: We receive their products in containers, and return our waste packing material, wood, and cardboard to them for remanufacture and reshipment to us.

    Bonus Hint: Menus from the many regional cuisines of this country are routinely shoved under the doors of apartments in New York City.

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