Yes Folks, It Is Real

May 30, 2007

My, what a sleazy business this has become.

Nice Work if you can get it

May 21, 2007

It’s hard out there for a flim-flam man. Living the lie everyday with the axe hanging overhead that your little self-dealing scam might be discovered (slim chance, this is LAUSD we are talking about here), fabricating timecards for much-delayed over budget projects, double dipping, constantly dodging conflict of interest inquiries, sucking the government tit until it runs dry, whilst trying to make it all look innocent… can be exhausting work.

Take sometime out for yourself- have a Burgie!

Fuck These Fucking Fuckers

May 19, 2007

InfoUSA we’re calling you out, motherfuckers. Why?

InfoUSA advertised lists of “Elderly Opportunity Seekers,” 3.3 million older people “looking for ways to make money,” and “Suffering Seniors,” 4.7 million people with cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. “Oldies but Goodies” contained 500,000 gamblers over 55 years old, for 8.5 cents apiece. One list said: “These people are gullible. They want to believe that their luck can change.”

Sniff sniff. Sniff sniff. Nah, doesn’t pass the smell test with me. How about you?

InfoUSA, there is something seriously wrong with your business model.

This is yet another country that has taken out a contract on Americans.

Peak Oil Bullshit

May 19, 2007

After the jump (below) you will find a Youtube capture of a CNBC report from an episode of Kudlow and (yawn) Company. It is interestingTViewing for those of us who enjoy a good (or in this case, bad) spin.

The two “experts” presented here are Matt Simmons and John Kilduff.

First thing you notice is the pace. It’s at fever pitch, having an immediacy that places this topic as the most immediate threat facing “the American Way of Life(tm)”.

The second thing is, it’s very much like a new pitch for war.

“We are basically held hostage by countries that aren’t that friendly to us in terms of owning most of the oil that’s out there.” -John Kilduff

sniff sniff: smells like bullshit.

Sounds like bullshit.

Must be bullshit.

Simmons seems the more grounded of the two.

“I know most of the people pretty well now, I didn’t five years ago, that are at the fore front of the Peak Oil discussion… and I don’t think a single one of them has a political agenda. I know I certianly don’t.” -Matt Simmons

Well, at least he doesn’t call for out and out war.

The basic fact that gets glossed over here is the GAO report and how/who influenced it.

Why does it contradict the US Geological Survey, which sees no shortage of oil. (There isn’t.) What’s more, the USGS also says we’ve used about 18% of the world’s know reserves to date.

I think these fuckers just have an itch to start bombing somebody- now. Who? Whoever is eating into “their” profits, obviously.

America: if you are wondering why the rest of the world mistrusts us so much, look to your “leaders,” and who influences (corrupts) them.

Anyway, the full travesty (video) after the jump.

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She’s Got Your Sour Grapes Right Here

May 18, 2007

Sour Grapes Poster ChildShaha Ali Riza wants you to feel her pain.

She’s a woman done wrong.

There can be no doubt she’s furious about how she has been treated by the World Bank — being forced to take a leave, staying on the bank’s hideously cushy payroll, and having to endure enormous pay raises and promotions — all because Wolfowitz wanted to be head of the bank.

She should write a country song!

After all, being the fuck toy of Paul Wolfowitz’s (allegedly– is it possible they don’t actually do it?) can’t be good for your standing in the world, now that we know who you are.

“Or maybe,” she continued, “I was wondering, maybe because they’re married, they’re seeing that their relationships are asexual. But because I’m dating, there must be sex there.”

Her inablity to understand what conflict of interest means is understandable, given that she’s sucked off the government tit for many years now (and Shaha Ali Riza is not even a U.S. citizen).

Everyone in Washington sucks you know, and it’s just part of life in the city of the federal government. Isn’t that the normal state of things?

This conflict of interest thing, it’s about ethics, right?” is oft overheard in that city, at many levels, from the doorman to the highest office at the end of the corridor of power.

It is often followed by “Well, ethics ain’t the law.” Then followed by “har-de-har-har.”

But yes Virginia Shaha Ali Riza, sometimes ethics trumps the law.

And so it is written, all good scams must come to an end.

I guess the fabulous raise (Riza made more than Secretary of State Rice upon her soft landing at the State Dept.) and the wonderful placement working for that beneficiary of nepotism herself, Liz Cheney, were not enough for a Sour Grapes Poster Child with a sense of entitlement. Still, Fuck Toy Shaha Ali Riza wants to know why some people can get away with it and others can’t.

Go on, tell her, Liz.

Shaha Ali Riza arrogance might explain her anger. Shed no tears for her though, she’s still safely ensconced in the nursery known as Washington, sucking, sucking away.

There, there, don’t cry, Shaha Ali Riza, it’s all better now.

It is Like Tammany Hall all over again.

May 16, 2007

You remember Tammany Hall, right? (Click the link if you snored away during history class.) In the role of Boss Tweed, now called Boss Hogg, we have Dick Cheney, the one true president(tm).

This latest joke, if you haven’t following the political appointment of unqualified individuals this adminstration sees as fit, such as Brownie, Wolfy, Gonzo, Bolton, Miers, Rummy, goody-Goodling or any other graduate of “Regent University” then go fuck yourself you’re a waste of space, makes this government (of the government, for the government, fuck the people) it is starting to look like deja vu all over again.

We’ll need 1000 Thomas Nasts to puncture this overbloated bag of puss.

Instead of grifters, con artsists, and associated feral ass lickers holding out their fingers-less gloved, shit-smeared hands, today we have people from the local discerning Republican xtian club holding out their fingers-less gloved, shit-smeared hands.

They might clooak themselves in some ideological bullshit, but don’t be fooled, it’s the same  difference. It all comes down to greed.

“I confess to being less than perfect when it comes to long-term personal record keeping.”

It’s like our their country has been taken over by organized crime and their goons, or worse, frat boy B students who watched Godfather and Scarface and got daddy involved in keeping them from fulfilling their duties.

These fucktards seem to have loyalty and royalty confused. Or maybe they don’t? (Requires a day pass at Salon.)

Sam, Say It Ain’t So!

May 16, 2007

ATLANTA (FOX 5)What if you found out an American Idol contestant was lip-synching? What if the Bachelor was really married? How real is reality TV? The FOX 5 I-Team answers that question with one of America’s favorite reality shows: Flip This House. Senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell found one Atlanta developer on the show, Sam Leccima, wasn’t telling the truth about his renovations. Click video for more information.

Watch the Video at this Fox station’s site, or just below the Update (follow the jump).

Flip This Lawsuit –  Richard Davis of Trademark properties claims the idea for ths show was all his. More on Richard Davis here.

More on Sam Leccima here.

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