Operation Enduring Bases

If the United States was all about getting in and out of Iraq as quickly as the neocons said the mission could be accomplished, why is the U.S. government building for the duration? Is Iraq going to be the 51st state?

Over the past year, KBR contractors have built a small American city where about 14,000 troops are living, many hunkered down inside sturdy, wooden, air-conditioned bungalows called SEA (for Southeast Asia) huts, replicas of those used by troops in Vietnam. There’s a Burger King, a gym, the country’s biggest PX—and, of course, a separate compound for KBR workers, who handle both construction and logistical support.

And a big fuck you asshole! to Cheney, Rummy, Wolfy, Perle-drops, Condi, Colon, BillK, et al for getting us in to this fine mess. How did you sad fucks get to be in charge anyway? Only one of you was elected. (Clueless doesn’t really count, he does whatever the Dick up his ass tells him to.)

2 Responses to Operation Enduring Bases

  1. Why says:

    Why you Americans are so rude?

  2. Paco Bell says:

    {spits} Fucking foreigners always asking stupid questions.

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