The Goon Squad is Back

They are big and bad, clad in black, and these motherfuckers will club anyone who stands in their motherfucking way. Motherfucker!

One Response to The Goon Squad is Back

  1. Mike R. says:

    Ya this is only a pretense to where exactly law enforment is going. It seemed only earlier that the LAPD had received authorized permission to use some 5,000 M16’s. I mean what in the world do they need M16’s for? They have Shotguns, 9MM submachine guns, and a various supply of pistols. In my own words, our country is falling to shit from the inside out. Its not immagrents or terrorism, its the god damn political idiots that run our society, and the people who decide not to speak for the ideas they believe in and just follow the crowd.

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