The Wolfmeister General

This latest salvo misfire in this tawdry little episode is not only representative of the typical lapse of ethics from this gang of (Re) bozos running things. It also points out what is wrong with people who are card carrying members of some self-appointed eilitist class in this country.

Doling out favors and money and juicy appointments to their fuck buddies (both literal and figurative) is simply the way they maintain a stranglehold on America.

Besides, none of these carpetbaggers could ever get elected. Because they’re fucking assholes, and honest ethical Americans recognize this and would toss the bums out- if we could.

BTW, how does a foreign national get the highest security clearance?

She must be one really great lay; or Wolfy is just plain whipped.

I’d bet on the latter.

Hey, douchebag, if you didn’t want to upset your little fuck toy by having her change jobs so you could make like a bigshot and take that post for which you were not even qualified for, maybe you should have just turned it down?

Paul Wolfowitz: the living embodiment of the Peter Principle.


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