Luis Posada Carriles

Just like The War on Some Drugs(tm) America likes a good fight- within limits that it can lose (see Korea, Vietnam, Drugs, Iraq, etc.).

Let us introduce you to the War on Some Terrorists(tm), formerly known as the War on Terror(tm).

I suppose the rest of the world might view this dropping of charges as “a victory for all freedom-loving Cubans in the world and a validation of the American legal system,” as Mr. Carriles attorney said, who then wiped his ass with the Constitution and subsequently spat on it.

This should not look hypocritical at all to the rest of the world, even if it does. The difference: these are our  terrorists, we protect them even if they get caught entering the country illegally, and no, we do not extradite to Cuba. Or Venezuela.

Those 70-ish people he is accused of killing when that airliner blew up?

Only commies.

So nyah nyah nener nener.

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