Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Boris Yeltsin died on April 23.

This is a man whose political career was pretty much defined by vodka. He loved vodka. Not since W.C Fields has a man so openly craved and enjoyed the sweet, sweet elixir of life.

One cannot help but wonder why wasn’t he ever a spokesman for Stoly? Maybe he was- in Russia, and I just never noticed?

He certianly showed everyone else the preservative qualities of alcohol.

Sure, you might shit and piss blood, suffer delerium tremens- but hey, the wonder drug alochol provides the very cure for these ailments- at least so you won’t notice (or care about) it any more.

Look at all he accomplished:

  • turned democracy over to the KGB and Putin
  • screwed foreign creditors
  • created 11 million unemployed Russians with an ingenious pyramid scheme
  • pretended to care about his people, but sold them out as easily as taking a shit
  • deprived of ownership and enslaved miners under mob bosses who were given that industry
  • could not have cared less about Russia’s sad-sack soldiers fighting in Chechnya, where untold tens of thousand died
  • loved to paaaaar-tay

and there is so much more, as outlined in this loving obituary of his enduring legacy by Matt Taibbi.

Having read in Matt Taibbi’s obit how Yetlsin’s “reforms” rewarded that country’s “ruling elite-” who I think we over here in America would label “criminals-” I am left pondering what sort of benefit the Cheney and Bush families (and their cronies) have received into their personal accounts from the looting of America’s treasury to “pay off” (reward) their friends and fuck-buddies from Skull and Bones, Halliburton, et al with our country’s wealth which they use like their personal piggy-bank. As if strealing an election, and then posturing as if you really “won,” which now gives you a “decisive” vistory and some kind of “mandate” to govern, and by rights this nation’s wealth now belongs to “you,” the “leadership.” Personally. To “dispose” of as “you” please (re: “I’m the decider”). It’s not like this adminstration isn’t already rife with nepotism, log-rolling, and incestuous corporate patronage which frees them from any pesky fiduciary responsibility to We the People, the taxpayers, the citizens, the real America.

The USofA seems to be undergoing the same kind of “Boss Tweed Tammany-Hall” corruption (not again! what goes ’round must come ’round, eh?) and nobody in the press really seems to give a shit.

Perhaps that is why Cheney et al are so desperate to keep their man, Paal Wolfowitz, at the World Bank. He’s their “inside” man.

Just a thought.

One Response to Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

  1. Johnny Boy says:

    The mayor of Las Vegas (the city proper) is a shill for Bombay Gin. So there’s precedent.

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