It is Like Tammany Hall all over again.

You remember Tammany Hall, right? (Click the link if you snored away during history class.) In the role of Boss Tweed, now called Boss Hogg, we have Dick Cheney, the one true president(tm).

This latest joke, if you haven’t following the political appointment of unqualified individuals this adminstration sees as fit, such as Brownie, Wolfy, Gonzo, Bolton, Miers, Rummy, goody-Goodling or any other graduate of “Regent University” then go fuck yourself you’re a waste of space, makes this government (of the government, for the government, fuck the people) it is starting to look like deja vu all over again.

We’ll need 1000 Thomas Nasts to puncture this overbloated bag of puss.

Instead of grifters, con artsists, and associated feral ass lickers holding out their fingers-less gloved, shit-smeared hands, today we have people from the local discerning Republican xtian club holding out their fingers-less gloved, shit-smeared hands.

They might clooak themselves in some ideological bullshit, but don’t be fooled, it’s the same  difference. It all comes down to greed.

“I confess to being less than perfect when it comes to long-term personal record keeping.”

It’s like our their country has been taken over by organized crime and their goons, or worse, frat boy B students who watched Godfather and Scarface and got daddy involved in keeping them from fulfilling their duties.

These fucktards seem to have loyalty and royalty confused. Or maybe they don’t? (Requires a day pass at Salon.)

2 Responses to It is Like Tammany Hall all over again.

  1. Batmanse says:

    Just because the President appoints his friends to government jobs, doesn’t mean we are losing freedom or control over the government. It’s ALWAYS been this way. That’s the nature of government.

    If you’re truly interested in government abuses of power, there are SO MANY other things to worry about. Whining about a few political appointments sounds like nothing more than partisan bickering.

  2. Paco Bell says:

    Batmanse, thanks for your repsonse.
    You are correct, there are so many more important things to worry about. Unqualified people in positions of power is the least of these.
    But you mistake me for a partisan. I am not affiliated with either party (are there more than 2?). IMHO they both are bastions of scalawags, and they should all be tossed out into the street, tarred and feathered, naked and screaming, their pensions revoked, maybe into prison with a few of these bums if they deserve it (white collar crime is still crime) and replaced by decent, hard-working (emphasis!), upstanding citizens who put the nation of the people first and their own self interest last. Dedication to service is what I am on about, not servicing your portfolio and some cranked up, arrogance fueled, mother fucking god loving god loving agenda.
    I’ll rage about the fact that it is the way it is, that just because it is the way it is does not mean it has to stay the way it is. Nepotism should be outlawed, do you hear me Liz Cheney?!
    If our founding fathers could concieve of our government being taken away from us, and placed provisions in the Constitution for citizens to remedy just such a coup, then it’s up to a few good citizens to speak up and cry out “Fuck the Fucking Fuckers!”

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